Capacity Building and Training

The Trust undertakes all training and capacity building initiatives involving training needs assessment through stakeholder consultations for development of customised content and pedagogy modules, rapid baseline and rapid training needs assessment, monitoring and training impact measurement.

Institutional Strengthening

Weak governance and ineffective public administration are the key issues to the redundancy in economic process. Building capable and effective institutions is the measure required to be taken to achieve the desired national (sustainable 10- 2030) development goals.

Policy Advocacy

Translating ground research into effective documentation of relevant and constructive policy options creates a misbalanced action arena which is devoid of assessment of a wide variety of risks.

Research and Development

ICAP partakes in a range of research pertaining to insights and analysis of various policies and policy environments to advise a wide plethora of players ranging from governments to private players in policy making and implementation.

I-CAP Trust